Light S.A.


About Light

Brazilian holding company Light owns power generation, transmission and trading assets in three regions in Rio de Janeiro. Light serves individual, commercial and industrial clients in 31 municipalities representing a population of approximately 10 million people.

The Challenge

In December, 2007 the management at Light partnered with CHOICE to assist in reversing a disturbing, ongoing trend of an increase in their energy losses index. In particular, the scope of the project included:

  • Provide timely information for their inspection teams to use identifying the highest potential of electricity theft among business and consumer customers.

  • Reduce the flow of monthly financial losses, representing millions of dollars (USD) in lost revenues for the utility.

  • Show a quick return of investment for the project without any negative effect on the on-going performance of the utility.

The Solution

CHOICE data scientists worked with the Light management team to integrate disparate data sources and current utility-specific NTL investigation rules, procedures and processes into the CHOICE Revenue Intelligence™ solution. Within four months of the project start, the Light inspection teams were receiving actionable information on where to recoup non-technical losses.

Light reported to their investors in the 4th Quarter of 2009 the following results of the project’s success:

“The CHOICE Revenue Intelligence solution delivered an additional increase of 16.9% in energy recovery for 2009, bringing an additional revenue of 21.9 GMh, with an energy recovery increase of 165.1%, equal to 70.5 GWh.”

—4th Quarter, 2009 Investor Report: Light

The Story Continues

The results from this partnership led to CHOICE winning the Metering Excellence Awards for Latin America the following year.

In addition, Light continues to see benefits from their CHOICE Revenue Intelligence™ solution and has averaged recouping these returns annually ever since:

$40 million USD in
additional revenue.

168.762 tons of CO2
emission reduction.

Additional invoice of
160 GWh.