Advisory Services


Proactive Support from Choice Data Scientists Post-deployment

Following deployment of the Revenue Intelligence™ solution, many utilities choose to draw on the years of revenue assurance experience from our data scientists to maximize system performance and ROI.

Our Advisory Services assist our utility clients by fine-tuning construction of investigation rules; selection of inspection targets; optimization of collection dunning rules; selections of regions/areas to implement AMR/AMI; support to ETL process optimization; development of new reports; application support and update; and development of customized functionalities.

Choice specialists partner with your revenue assurance and collection staff to share the latest knowledge and best practices garnered from years of in-field experiences.

CHOICE Advisory Services delivers

  • Proactive involvement with the utility team post-deployment

  • Interpretation of data drawing on years of revenue assurance and collections expertise

  • Share the latest knowledge and best practices

  • Proven best approach to maximizing system performance and return on investment (ROI)